Welcome to Crohn’s & IBS Wholistic Medical Care for Children and young adults

Our personalized high quality treatment for children and young adults with Crohns disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS, and digestive disorders is well established. The earlier the condition is treated, the greater chance there is of a successful outcome.

One patient said, “You were the first doctor who truly listened to me. When I first saw you I had chronic rectal bleeding and was told that I would need surgery. I had been on steroids for three years. After working with you for a month, the bleeding and diarrhea stopped, and now I haven’t been on a steroid for years.”

Another patient said, “I value the quality of your attention.”

A mom said, “My child had chronic stomach pains and couldn’t tolerate many foods, and since working with you my daughter is much healthier and stronger.

One does not necessarily need steroids or to have surgery if one suffers from Crohns & IBS; especially, if it is caught early enough. The foundation of the treatment program is:

  •     Listen carefully to the patient and truly understand their condition.
  •     Understand the dietary influences and gut biology of the patient.
  •     Make an accurate diagnosis of what exactly the problem is.
  •     Develop a treatment and diet plan with the patient.

In particular, I am interested in working with children and young adults who have this condition.

Dr.Namaya’s Wholistic Homeopathy is one of the most innovative approaches to healing. Dr. Namaya considers the whole person — mentally, physically, emotionally — along with all the conditions that may influence their health such as environmental factors, nutrition, and lifestyle. Dr. Namaya is able to bring over thirty five years of experience in health, counseling, and medicine to help his patients heal.


“I do not promise a cure, however, I have seen with a consistent program of dietary changes, homeopathy, and wholistic care we can help to alleviate the symptoms and address the underlying causes of the condition. “

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